New IGCA Versatility Award Program
The IGCA Versatility Program has been updated to recognize many more sports.  We have also added another award level.  Here are the titles that your IG can now earn:
VC = Versatility Certificate, which requires 6 points in a minimum of 2 categories
VCX = Versatility Certificate Excellent, which requires 9 points in a minimum of 3 categories
VCM = Versatility Certificate Master, which requires 12 points in a minimum of 3 categories
VCMX = Versatility Certificate Master Excellent, which requires 15 points in a minimum of 4 categories
Please follow this link for more details of this program.
This program, too, allows for the addition of new sports.  Since we wrote the program in December, we have already added teacup agility.  
I hope that those of you who do more than 1 sport with your dogs will look this over to see what awards you may be entitled to already, and which awards you want to strive for.
As the new Versatility Chair, It is my pleasure to announce these new Versatility Certificate titles awarded in July, 2017:
New VC
· Edison - Marchwind Genius of Edison, CGC, GRC, ORC, owned by Susan Amicucci
· Rocky - Wynson's Sir Rockford, CGC, SGRC 2, JOR, owned by Terri & John Jones
· Darci, Cove’s Princess Domori, RN, CGCA, ACT, RATI, TT, owned by Deborah Maicach
· Snoopy, Count Snoopy von Edison, SC, CGC, SGRC 18, owned by Terri & John Jones
New VCMX (Highest Level Possible)
· Dinah, NATCH-3, V-NATCH, TACH Levon’s Princess Dinah, RN, CGCA, MX, MXJ, MXF, APJ, APS, NW1, TT, owned by Deborah Maicach
· Dani, Viva’s Life In The Fast Lane, CGCA, THDN, TKI, NAC, TIAD, TG3, NW1, owned by Deborah Maicach
· Dylan, Aurelie’s Gunsmoke Princess, CGCA, TIAD, TG3, O-OAC, OCC, TG-O, NTD, TT, owned by Deborah Maicach
· Kimber, GCH Terra Pavan Lorenc’s Phoenix Rising, CGC, ETD, RATI, owned by Susan Amicucci
· Bailey, BIF DC Alfheim's Perfect Storm, SC, CA, SGRC, ORC, RATI, owned by Terri & John Jones

Congratulations to these awesome IGs!

Terri Jones, Versatility chair