Rev's Reflections
Dinner in Chickasha
Friday at 6:00 the first dinner guests began to pull up to our house.  Some had already shown the first two days of the four-day cluster, while others were just pulling into town.  Just over a year before, Angie and I had returned to the dog show ring after a decade away and returning with a new breed of dogs.  Those coming for dinner were our new Italian Greyhound friends from Oklahoma, California, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Living in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma doesn’t come with many people automatically knowing where you live, unless you are talking to dog show people in our part of the country.  Chickasha is not only our home town but also the home of a well-attended four-day cluster of shows with a history of producing majors in Italian Greyhounds.  So as the days for the show grew closer, Angie and I began talking about hosting a dinner for all our I.G. friends who would make the trip.  The one question we had was, “Would they come?” and come, they did.

Some people like to talk about how competitive the dog show world can be, and that can be true.  I like winning and dislike losing as much as anyone.  However, competition doesn’t have to lead to back-biting and we were resolved to sharing a big thank you with all our new found friends by inviting them to dinner and drawing us all closer together.  Over the steaming Chicken Tortilla Soup, Seven Layer Dip, Sopapilla Cheesecake and plenty of wine and beer, the ten of us discussed our dogs, judges, family, and work.  Just as we hoped, Angie and I watched as people who had seen each other at shows for so long, took things to a deeper level and deeper friendships were formed.  It was a rich time where we learned more about each other, how we each came to this lifestyle we share and about our hopes for the future.  

While dog shows are always about the dogs, it was fun to invite people to travel a couple of miles to come to our home, put their feet under our table and enjoy a nice meal and great conversation.  Around the table were people who had been showing for 30 years and some who had just started and the rest in between.  By the time the evening was over, deep friendships were forming around dogs and more.  I began to ask myself, why doesn’t this happen more?  The answer is easy.  By the time we drive the hundreds of miles to get to the show, unload our gear, exercise the dogs, and set up our RV’s there is no time.  

So since we can host such a dinner for our friends, we will.  This November 18th at 6:00 you are invited to join us for dinner in Chickasha.  The shows will be majors, the food great, and the friendships you will make will last a lifetime
By Scott & Floyd