“Past  Winners ~ 70’s”

Florida (2nd) IGCA Specialty : 1/14/79
Judge: Mr. Tom Stevenson (47 entries)
WD/BOW/BOB: Dasa's King of the Mountain
(from the PUPPY CLASS)
King also went on to a Toy Group 4 under Ann Clark

West Coast Specialty: 7/14/79
Judge: Mrs. Louise Cleland (IG breeder)
BOB: Ch. Dasa's Red Pepper

Ravenna: 8/24/79
Judge: Phil Marsh
BOB: Ch. Dasa's Red Pepper

IGCA Specialty 3/18/78
Galvastion County KC

Judge:  Mr C LaVery Gangwish
BOB Ch Dasa’s Red Pepper

First Florida IGCA Specialty 1/15/78
Judge: Mrs. James (Anne) Clark
WD/BOW: Colacove Wild as the Wind
BOB: Colacove Wild as the Wind (over 10 specials!)
"David" (Wild as the wind) went on to a Group 3!

Westcoast Specialty: 7/28/78
Judge: Mr. Marco Leynor (Breeder Judge)
BOB: Ch. Dasa's Red Pepper

Ravenna Specialty 8/25/78
Judge: Mrs. Winifred L. Heckmann
BOB: Ch. Dasa's Red Pepper

California IG Specialty: 7/3
Judge: Dr. W.E. Field JR
BOB: Ch. Kreszenz Cobra Jet

Ravenna OH: 8/26
Judge: Mr. Joseph Faigel (63 entries)
BOB: Ch. Hourglass What Price Glory

Long Beach KC 07/03
Judge:  Dr. William field

BOB, GR 2 Ch Kreszenz Cobra Jet

Southern IGCA Specialty 4/10
at the Atlanta (GA) KC
Judge: Dr. H.L. Huggins
BOB: Ch. Wilwyn's Streaker

Palm Park, Whittier California
The first INDEPENDENT Specialty 6/19
Judge: Raphael Schyulte
BOB: Ch. Wavecrest Pepperoni

Ravenna Specialty: 8/21
Judge: Mrs. Jane Kay
BOB: Ch. Dasa's Snowy Egret

West Coast Specialty 6/22
Beverly Hills, CA

Judge:  Frank Fretell
BOB:  Gr 2: Ch Wavecrest  Pepperoni

Southern Specialty, Atlanta GA
Judge:  Mrs. Jim (Betty) Young
BOB:  Gp 1:  Ch Wavecrest Pepperoni

Ravenna, OH Aug, 23
Judge:  Mrs. Erica Dixon Huggins
BOB:  Gp 3: Ch Wavecrest Pepperoni

West Coast Specialty, Beverly Hills
Judge:  Mrs. Georgia Buttram
BOB:  Gp 4:  Ch Wavecrest Pepperoni

Ravenna OH
Judge:  C LaVern Gangwish
BOB:  Gp 1:  Ch Wavecrest Pepperoni

East Coast Specialty  December 7
Judge:  M.T.L. Downing
BOB:  Ch Giovanni’s Trina Blue D’Dasa

Ravenna, OH (77)
Judge:  Mrs, Em Pizzini
BOB: Ch Giovanni’s Trina Blue D’Dasa

Santa Monica CA (70)
BOB:  Gp 3:  Ch Hansel’s Gretal De Regio

Eastern Specialty (35)
Judge Iris De La Torre Bueno

BOB:  Ch Nelshire’s Sprite of Eskort

IGCA Specialty Show
Westchester KC 9/10/72
Judgte Ms Iris De La Torre Bueno
BOB Ch Nelshire’s Sprite of Eskort

Chicago, IL
Judge:  Frank Fretwell
BOB:  Ch Hallmark Hill’s Guicci

West Coast Specialty
Beverly Hills KC(75)
Judge:   Melbourne T.L. Downing
BOB:  Ch Wescot’s Prima Donna Di Regio

1971 Beverly Hill, CA (62)
Judge:  Maurice L Baker
BOB:  Ch Rayita’s Little Masterette

1970 Westchester KC, NY
Judge:  Miss Anna K Nicholas
BOB:  Ch Cleden’s Pewter Chalice

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1978 “David”
Ch Colacove Wild As The Wind
Thank you Karen Thayne
History Buff Extroidinaire
for your help in digging up
this Important History !!
1979 “King”
Ch Dasa’s King of the Mountain
In 1976 The Italian Greyhound Club
of New York was formed... Their
first specialty was held 9/5/76 as a
supported entry to Weschester KC...
-Karen Thayne
The first INDEPENDENT Specialty
was held 6/19/76 in Palm Park,
Whittier California.
-Karen Thayne
1978, 1979, 1982
Ch Dasa’s Red Pepper
Red Pepper is the sire of David!  
A father-son team sweep
the IG Specialties!
This dog had an incredible win record!
He holds the highest number of
BOB Specialty wins with 8 total!
(Other IG breed Club wins too).
His last win was a National win from

the veteran class.
-Karen Thayne
1977 Ch Hourglass What Price Glory
1970 Ch Cleden’s Pewter Chalice
1974, 1975, 1976
Ch Wavecrest Pepperioni
He had 6 Best in Specialties,
5 of which he either went on to
win the group or placed in group!
-Karen Thayne
1972 Ch Wavecrest Veni Vidi Vici
1973, 1974
Ch Giavanni’s Trina Blue D’Dasa
1973 Ch Hansel’s Gretal De Regio
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