“Past  Winners  ~ the 50’s”
1959  September 6,
Westchester NY IGCA Specialty Show
BOB: Silver Falcon..... From the Novice class...
and went on to a GROUP FOUR!

1958 Westchester NY (17)
Judge: Mr. G. Beckett
BOB: Ch. Hillegold's Blue Boy

1957 Westchester NY (13)
Judge: Mrs. N.P. Buckley (13 entries)
BOB: Ch. Hillengold's Blue Boy

1956 Westchester KC in Purchase NY (10)
Judge: (not reported)
BOB: Ch. Penwood's Blue Iris

1955 Westchester KC in Rye NY (18)
Judge: Miss G. Rowe
Ch. Tap Dancer of Hillengold

1954 Westchester KC in Rye, NY (13)
Judge: A.K. Nicholas
Ch. Tap Dancer of Hillengold
Thank you Karen Thayne
History Buff Extroidinaire
for your help in digging up
this Important History !!
1959, 1960, 1961, 1962
Ch Silver Falcon

Silver Falcon was only defeated
ONCE in his career... by a
bitch named Aglaja Springinsfeld
-Karen Thayne
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